Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Is Beautiful

By: InsomniacSheep

Life is beautiful. It's a trip. Both a psychedelic and physical trip through the essence of humanity. I know this'll never get popular, but I hope the few people that read this will grasp a single concept. And that is the concept of what it is like to live. How utterly improbable is it that you even exist... How many generations of people did it take to make you? Your existence on this revolving rock in the middle of an endless void is truly remarkable. Take hold of it, and don't ever let go. Truly understand what it means to be something beautiful and alive and full of color in the depths of infinity. But most importantly- find love. Love is what keeps us human. Love is the purest emotion you possess. Once you understand what love means, and you find that ONE person who makes you realize what true happiness is, don't ever give up on the journey of finding a way to be with that single individual. Because love matters. And acquiring the meaning of that emotion IS the meaning of life. Soul mates complete the soul- two soul mates together are literally completing each other as one (as corny as that sounds to some). What I want you to grasp from all this is that your existence is literally impossible, and it is impossible to truly enjoy unless you are with the one you were meant to be with. Fate is something that, from my experiences, is something that this life is tied to. Life and fate are essentially one in the same, and cannot exist without each other, just as soul mates cannot exist without each other. Live life in a way that makes you happy, and remember a lot of the bullshit you experience on a moment to moment basis doesn't really matter in the long run. And don't ever let anyone tell you what to do. Do what makes you HAPPY, not what you think you need to do to be happy. Just live my friend. Live.
Splitscreen: A Love Story

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Thank you for reading. I bid you farewell.

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  1. :) you sound like an individual that i would get along with. i agree w alot of your concepts. I wish more people were open like this in the world, but the only thing to do is spread the knowledge and the love! thank you for that!

  2. well I want you to know there are people out there that think like that and I think you worded it beautifully ... i have a very difficult time with words as i'm a visionary painter. Right on dude keep spreading the word... people out there are listening <3

  3. Thank you for your beautiful words, there is much love and appreciation for you, and there is a lot of truth in your words, you have definitely made me feel better, and that is greatest gift you could've given. Namaste.

  4. i think soul mate are true, like you can FIND LOVE INSIDE OF YOURSELF FOR A PERSON, A PURE EMOTION, but the emotion will always comes from yourself., and the person just help you to get this emotion, cause everything is a reflect of us, and its important to love yourself, You are the Universe ! SO When you love someone, in fact, you love yourself, this is how can a relationship can be very good for the way to the hapiness, but if you loose a person, keep the emotion you one day experiment, always keep it in your heart @!

    you give me hope by saying that how chances are you to live, like i know but in fact the universe is so big, omg, yes , i understand now that i am a blessing and my soul wanted to be so much that it creates itlsef like the universe i had a bad time with what i understand of life but i am really spiritual and faithfull and your words give me hope

  5. thank you, thank you to u and to this website , u guys all made me realize what life is really about. i just apologized to my girlfriend whom i been with 6 years but we are now separated because of me and my ignorant decisions. because i didn't know how to love but im learning little by little through souls like yours and everybody who has been contributing to this website. thank you

  6. I agree yet disagree with this piece.

    I don't believe you have to find someone else, to find your inner, eternal peace and purpose. Maybe not all of us need to find 'their other half', maybe some of us feel pretty whole as it is.

    You say 'And don't ever let anyone tell you what to do. Do what makes you HAPPY, not what you think you need to do to be happy.' And for me, until I do meet someone, happiness for me is being on my own. And I'll not let anyone ever tell me that that is wrong. :)

  7. Absulolutley fantastic my brother, thank you.

  8. I completely agree with this. And I absolutely love this site. I found my soulmate five years ago. He died three years ago. No other friendship or relationship ever matches up with my connection with this one person. What do I do now? I didn't have enough time with him. I feel rather lost.

  9. Beautiful words but I think that finding love, true love, isn't about just one single individual. True love should come from within, for yourself first, for others and for everything that lives. We should find the power within us to be happy by ourselves and after that should we spread that love. I, personally, don't have it, but I am tired of putting this awful hard pressure on everyone else, I am made from everything that surrounds me and I should have the power to find peace within me.