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Synchronicity: How I Created The Universe - Part 8 - The Greatest Escape That Never Happened

By: Yoinkie

September 21st, 1939, the world was on the verge of a full blown World War, the second such war in less than 20 years, and with most of the same players, fighting for reasons no one could really understand. Almost every global power was already or was planning to join the war. It was also the last day I planned on being held captive in Hitler's prison.
It was less then an hour before it was time for me to go, and as a final goodbye, I decided to talk to Hershel as a friend, not as a prisoner, or as the man who had relied on his help to get this far. I couldn't come to grips with the fact that I would leave him behind to rot in this prison for the rest of his life, or god willing, die. What do you say to a man whose thoughts are consumed by sadness and sorrow?

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"I'm sorry we couldn't have met in different circumstances, my friend." I said to him, in the same broken German I had been speaking the last 20 days. We had broken down our language barrier and learned to understand each other in different ways. "Me too, Neko. I am glad to have known you, and will always remember you as a dear friend." It had been weeks since Hershel had told me he had accepted his inevitable fate, and he was a man who had learned to put calm in his heart in these rough times. "What do you think happens to you after you die?" He asked me.
If you had asked me this question a month ago, before I met Nathan and before any of this happened, I would have probably given you my best atheist response to the ultimate question. "When you die, you consciousness ceases to exist, but your material form lives on, long after you are gone and long after your body has decayed and returned back to the earth. You came from the dust of stars, and so too will you be forever." Does science really help people deal with death? Does it really help one to know that there physical form may not exist, but somewhere they will? If you really think about it, how do you really know that you are alive? In 10 years time, your body replaces every single cell in your body. In 10 years, the physical person you were, no longer exists, and is replaced by something completely new.
After having seen what I have seen, it hard to be an atheist, but at the same time its impossible to not be one. The universe is methodical, and precise to a fraction as small as an atom. Everything relies on something else to exist, and to function, and to not fly off randomly into the abyss. Does this help prove that God exists, or does it rather prove that he does not?
No, this is not the last words I would chose to speak to Hershel. "I believe that after you die...your soul remains. It was just a passenger in the body the universe had created for you, and when you die, the universe is simply asking for you body back so it can use it for other very important things going on in the universe. But your soul remains." I told him. I tried to tell him how I had felt "nothing" and it had not felt like what I had imagined it to feel like. I tried to tell him that there are things we can not fully understand until we are actually in the smack dab middle of them. I tried to tell him all these things, but I couldn't find the words; half because I couldn't fully translate into German that he could understand, and half because I was just too sad. I had lost my friend Nathan nearly a month ago, and now I was losing the ONLY person that knew of my existence in this world and didn't want to drug me, or torture me. The last person I would ever know that would understand even the slightest what I had been through. I was just too sad, so I did what I always did when my ego overtook my emotions; I got back to the plan at hand.
It had been a nearly impossible process to get this far. The plan was simple enough, the preparation was not, and the execution of it could very well be the end. A week prior, Hershel had told me, jokingly, the only way a person could ever leave Hitler's prison was to die. So that's exactly what we planned to do. Never in my life had I been happier about the fact that I had taken Analytic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and the likes. Since the first day I was in this prison, I had been given medium to high doses of a variety of drugs(used by Hitler's men to make me talk). Over the last week, the guards had become more gentle in their method of inserting these drugs into me(before they use to inject me or stuff them down my throat). They were giving these drugs to me in my hand and allowing me to ingest them myself without using force. Over the last five days, I had been storing these drugs in between my teeth and my gums, trying not to let my saliva liquefy them completely. My goal was to take them out of my mouth and hide them behind my toilet, as much as I could save. There is a chemical inside of mescaline called CR-112. There is a chemical inside of methamphetamine called JBH-412. When you extract these chemicals and mix them, along with the citrus from an orange(my daily meal provided by the kind folks of Hitler's prison) you create formula called Serapenoine dexahydrine. And when a human being ingests this formula, they go into a catalytic shock and their heart stops beating for roughly an hour. During this period, your body is completely lifeless and oxygen is pumping through your body so slowly that, from an untrained eye, you appear to be dead. The possibility of waking up after an hour is, very slim. And even after you do/if regain consciousness, the probability of going into shock or having a seizure is nearly 100% the only way to revive a person if that happens is to use a cardiac defibrillator(you know, those electric shock pumps you see in the movies that doctors use).
So in layman's terms, our plan was this; use a near toxic formula to stop my heart, play dead for an hour, during this hour HOPE that the guards dispose of my body in their pits outside, and not just throw me into the incinerator. And if all this actually happens, I have to defy the odds and wake up, and find myself a hospital, in Munich Germany, and hope that a doctor is caring enough not to immediately turn me over back to Hitler. I had no idea if my extraction methods had actually worked, weather I had used enough doses of each, or if I wouldn't just die on the spot. But still, it was worth the try. Hershel had played the key role in this entire plan. He knew what amount from which to take, and how to extract the right substance. He also doubled on saving his drugs much the same way I had. And his final role in all of this would be to yell for the guard when I ingest my delicious soup and start foaming from the mouth and bouncing around in pain. As horrid as this all sounds, it still beats the alternative.
Right before it was time to play dead, I said my goodbye to Hershel with the most typical and hypocritical statements I have ever made. "I will come back for you. You stay alive, you hear?! I will get out of here and come back for you, guns blazing." He laughed, and said ok, he would wait. We both knew I just just promised the impossible. The only thing harder then escaping Hitler's personal prison, was to break back into it. At least, that's what I had convinced myself, thinking about how Nathan had left me here to die and not attempted to do as such.
"Hershel, I have no where to go. If I do survive, what will I do? Ive been to Munich before and could possibly navigate around it, but not this Munich..." The sudden realization hit me that I did not know a single person in this world, and the only person I knew that didn't want to kill me, I was leaving behind. Hershel told me to go and contact his only remaining family, his brother who lives in a small town right outside of Munich. "He will treat you like family and give you anything you may need for your journey ahead." Hershel said.
After getting some basic directions, I shook his hand around the cell wall for the last time, and said goodbye to a man I had never even seen. It was time for me to go. I took my soup of death and proceeded to lose all sense of reality(which surprisingly was becoming a very familiar feeling for me lately).
I woke some underterminable time later, with a searing headache and unable to breathe. I was in a ditch of sorts, surrounded by a half dozen rotting bodies. I could see the giant fortified walls of a prison beside me, the first time I saw my home for the last month from the outside. I needed to act quickly, and that's what I did. I saw a dead corpse of a Sturm Abteilung soldier(Storm Section soldier, a member of Hitler's private army). I quickly took  and put on every piece of uniform I could take off his body. This was the first time I was glad I had no sense of smell in this universe, because I'm sure I would have lost my lunch from the stench of death.
My biggest break came when I saw an ambulance drive past me, which I proceeded to follow. It was less then a block to the hospital, which couldn't have come soon enough because I could feel myself losing touch with reality again. Wearing the Sturm Abteilung uniform proved to my advantage, as I was rushed in front of everyone waiting around and rushed to the emergency room. I went into cardiac arrest nearly as soon as I hit the operating table, and the next few hours are not in my memory bank. When I finally did awake, the searing headache's remained, but my breathing felt almost normal. I quickly departed from the hospital, which in its own is a remarkable feat. It took me almost 45 minutes to get outside. I was still in the Nazi uniform, but I knew that if anyone tried to speak to me, they would know within a sentence or two that I was not German.
The next part of my plan was to try and fit in. I stumbled to the nearest trading market I could find, and traded my uniform for regular street clothes, A yellow food dye solution, and other necessary tools that I needed. My eyes were already blue because many years earlier, Natalie(my Girlfriend) had said I looked sexier in colored contacts rather then glasses. I walked a few miles down the road and found myself in a barn of sorts. I used the yellow dye and shampoo and other tools I had acquired and made a temporary hair dye; don't ask me how I knew how to do this, I tended to watch the most bizarre late night shows back in the day when my life was ordinary. I colored my hair blonde, and with my blue eyes, I turned into the person that Hitler wanted the entire world to be. With my light skin tone, blonde hair and blue eyes, I had transformed myself from a Jew into a member of the Aryan Race. I could now travel throughout Munich and to the town Hershel had told me about without much problem, as long as I kept my mouth shut.
It took me almost two days to make it, getting lost countless times on the way. The only way I did find my way was to ask some innocent old ladies the way. They glaringly obliged, and proceeded to run and I assume, tell the nearest guard about the strange man with the broken German they had just met. I finally found the house around 2am, and it was exactly like Hershel had said; brown fence, 3 story greenish-brown house with a cement pathway leading up to the house. I wasn't sure how Hershel's brother would receive me, but he had assured me that his brother was a nicer man then even he. I knew that I had to tell him my story as quick as I could so I could gain his trust, and find a place to rest for a few days if needed. I wanted to tell Aldo(Hershel's brother) about the man who saved my life, and tell him all about what I am sure would be the last thing he would hear said about his brother ever again. I was feeling the best I had in over a month, sober, and ready.
I knocked on the door and a man who fit Aldo's description came to the door. "Hello..I am.." I said in German. "I know who you are, please come in quickly" He replied, which came to my shock, which I put aside because I was just happy to be off the roads. I couldn't decided how Aldo would have known me, but I assumed he thought I was once of Hershel's colleagues from the lab. He led me to his family sitting room and told me to sit and wait, while he prepared some drink and food.
"Hello, Neko." It had been so long since I had heard English that it almost did not make sense to me at first. What made less sense to me was that the person who had uttered these words just now, was Nathan Caldwell. "What? How...Wh..." I couldn't grasp the situation that had just unfolded, I never thought I would see this man again.
"I know you have a lot of questions, I will explain everything before we leave. But first, I want to say I'm sorry Neko, I had no other choice but to leave you." Said Nathan, in his calm and collective state which he always presented himself in. "How did you get here?!" I demanded to know.
"Ive been at Aldo's house for 3 weeks waiting for you. I knew that once you escaped, Hershel would tell you to come here. This is the only place he trusted enough to send you to." Said Nathan. More. Fucking. Questions.
"Please, let me explain it all to you. But first, have some water, your body must be thirsty, even though you are not." He was referring to the fact that in this universe, I never felt hungry or thirsty, nor did I taste either, but I could still feel my body deteriorate if I didn't drink and eat.
"A month ago, after our plan to kill Hitler failed, I had two choices: Stay there and fight with you, and risk losing the device forever. Or leave you, and formulate a plan to get you back. I chose the Latter Neko, and it pains me to say so. You must have realized this as well, we were outnumbered and had almost no chance of escape. I tried to grab you before I left, but I was held by 3 guards and...just couldn't make it to you. So I left, I left that room and I left that universe precisely at that point."
"Why didn't you go back in time 1 minute and stop us from going into that room, and take me away." I asked.
"You remember me telling you about how it all works, right? We can not time travel to the past in a universe. If I went into the past even 1 minute, I would then be in a completely different universe, a universe that would be playing out normally, and would not have either of us in it. So that simply would not have worked. Trust me, if it did, I would have been there for you. You are more important to this mission than I am, Neko." He paused for a minute, probably to let me regain my bearings and keep up in this conversation.
"I thought about coming to break you out of prison, Neko. I went back to a universe in which it was 2011, and read every book and article I could find about Hitler's prison. None of which told me any floor plans, access doors, or guard postings. Hitler kept his prison under complete secrecy. I could have tried to break into the prison by myself without any knowledge of it, and who knows, maybe I could have succeeded. BUT, Neko, if I failed, and just zapped myself out of your universe again, the damage I would have done would have remained. Hitler would have been made aware of the break out attempt and moved you, or killed you. And if I lost you from that prison, I would never, ever, find you again. So I did the only thing I could do..." Nathan got up from his chair, and walked over to the window of the little cabin/house we were in. I could see a troubled look come across his face.
"I've had to make some really hard choices in these last 40+ years of travelling Neko, and this was just as hard as any of them... While I was back in 2011 researching Hitler's prison, I came across an article written about a man named Hershel Simmons. The article was titled "How the War could have been different", and talked about a scientist who had flipped on the Third Reich and tried to get information across to the allies before the World War started. The article said, that if Hershel had been successful and escaped, he would have possibly changed the entire outcome of the war, with his knowledge of Hitler's Weapons stockpile and whatnot. This article then went on to say that Hershel Simmons did not escape, rather met his untimely end 25 miles north of Munich. His car came up to a tree downed in the road, and 10 armed men who were waiting for him, and who ambushed and killed him and three other people he was traveling with."
"But...that's not true! Hershel was in the cell beside mine. He said he came up to a check booth...told me about a guard who was suspicious of him and reported him to his commander who arrested him.." I said, confused as almost I always was in conversation with Nathan.
"That's what happened in your universe, Neko. After being in 2011 for a few weeks, I went back to the exact point in your universe that I had left. That was the only way I could come back to your universe. I went to that checkpoint a day later, dressed as a high ranking member of the Nazi Regime. I was there a couple hours before Hershel, and I told them to be on the lookout for an scientist suspected of treason. After extensive research, I played out that scenario in about 100 universes. I tweaked it ever so slightly, and each time Hershel ended up somewhere else, or dead. But then, I finally found exactly what I had to say, and when I had to say it, so that Hershel would end up in the prison right next to yours. Having read almost everything about Hershel that there was to read, I knew that he would help you escape. And with his knowledge, he might actually help you escape alive. Before you say whatever you have to say, just know that I am sorry Neko, I really am."
I wanted to cry. I wanted to shout. I wanted to punch Nathan in the face. But I didn't. Nathan always told me the truth, this much I knew. But, is what Hershel must now suffer through better then death? Having been there myself, I would have to say, FUCK NO. Because of Nathan, Hershel must now survive in the worst environments imaginable, for as long as the war goes on. And the best thing he can hope for, is death... And I left him. I am just as responsible for his condition as Nathan.
"I want to go back and save him, Nathan." I exclaimed. I had a promise to keep. "I knew you would say that. I need you to put your emotions aside, Neko. You and I both know we can not do that. I couldn't save you from there, no matter how hard I tried..." I knew Nathan was right, but I wasn't ready to admit it. Hershel wasn't real, just as this water in my hand isn't real, and the plate of food in front of my isn't real. Once(if) we ever go back to the real universe, all of this will cease to exist. It...just is not real. But why then, does it feel so real?
It took me an hour or so to finally calm down, and Nathan gave me peace and quiet while I was doing so. I came to terms that I would never see Hershel ever again, but that doesn't mean I couldn't find out the outcome to his life. "Nathan. We are leaving. I want you to take me to the future of this universe. I want to see what happened to the Hitler, the Third Reich.... and I want to know what happened to Hershel Simmons." I said. "Are you sure? We didn't save this world, Neko. We did nothing to help it." Nathan told me with a defeated look on his face. "No! That can not be! We killed dozens of Hitlers men when we stormed his Compound! Goebels! Himmler!! Hess! Someone had to have been there, and those men were just as involved in Hitler's plan as Hitler himself! We MUST have changed the world for the better! You said yourself, Nathan. The butterfly effect. Even the smallest differences, changes it all."
Nathan was reluctant, and kept telling me we had a job to do and couldn't keep delaying it. But finally, he agreed. He took me by the shoulder and did what he does with his time machine, and off we went. I felt like I slept for hours, and awoke refreshed. It had been a month since I had any sort of peaceful rest. "I didn't want to wake you, I knew you needed your rest." Nathan told me. We were on the same page again, just the way we use to be. I looked around. We were in a basement room. It had no windows, and I could not tell anything from anything.
"Neko... up until this point, everywhere we have went has felt normal. It had felt like our earth. Even 1939 Germany, at least you could comprehend it because you had read about it and seen numerous pictures. But what lays outside of these doors, is nothing like you have ever seen. We are in September of 2011, of your universe...the universe we created." Nathan told me about as un-enthusiastically as you could say it.
"Doesn't matter, Nathan. I am ready to see it." I said. "Neko.. before we leave this room, I have to tell you some things. While you were sleeping just now, I did some research about this current universe. You are not going to like it.."
I was confused, so I asked him why. " some point during your captivity, you told Hitler's men how to purify U-235. The missing piece for Hitler to create the Atomic Bomb and the Hydrogen bomb before the Americans. As you know, they created the A-bomb some time in early 1945. But with the information they took from you, Hitler was able to create the bomb in 1942, and use the same year."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had tried my best to not say anything, but under the influence of heavy dosages of drugs, it was always my worst fear. Nathan continued to speak, "Neko.., Hitler and his Germany won World War Two. What lays outside these doors is a world where Hitler got his way. Are you sure you want to see this? We can just leave."
I almost thought about it, but we had come too far to turn back now. "No, I want to see it." I told him. And with that, Nathan opened the double doors in our basement to the outside world.
Unfortunately, the author of this series has decided to stop this work and continue on other projects. However, feel free to attempt to contact him and talk him into continuing this awesome story! - Yoinkie


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