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  2. The drum, a story to explain why some people cry when they hear the drum.
    I was attending a powwow and was standing in the drum circle when I noticed some people crying.
    I was wondering why and remembered that, one day, when I was talking about the Being of Light that I met in a near death experience, a little girl was smiling at me and when I was finished, she came to me and said: " I know the Being of Light to. Before me soul came into my body, I was with that Being of Light and was shown everything that was going to happen to me during my coming life on Earth. I then chose my parents and entered my body. "

    I remember that, being in the presence of the Being of Light was the most beautiful experience I ever had, probably the most beautiful in the universe.
    When our soul is outside of our body, it can see through obstacles, hear conversations several kilometers away and it remembers everything that happened while it was outside of our body.

    The reason why some people cry when they hear the drum is because the very first thing our soul hears when it enters our body is the heartbeat of our mother and we cry because it remind our soul of that time when it was separated from the loving embrace of the Being of Light to enter our body.
    The drum reminds us of the most beautiful love there is in the universe.

  3. Repent. Jesus Christ is the only God and the true and only way to total fullfiment. No Dali Lama, no Muhammed, Buda, etc. died and rose again to everlasting life. This site is from the evil one. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to more than 500 people who testified to seeing him. How do you explain away Christianity and its roots and the way it spread throughout the centuries? You cannot. READ the Bible people...Ask Christ to come into your hearts.. It is 100% true and He is coming back soon. Are you ready to stop living for your selves and start living for Christ? Put your trust and faith and life in Jesus's hands and all things good will be given unto you to those who love him. Mathew 6:23. Steve

    1. These hater posts do not belong here. If you do not like the page, then leave and stay out. Thanks.

    2. If your god is against the ideas presented on this site (paths to enlightenment, expanding your knowledge, living you life with love and joy, limiting the suffering of others) then I'm afraid I must say that it seems far more likely that the one YOU worship is the evil one. Considering your god demands such worship with the threat of eternal torture as the punishment for not obeying, the evidence continues to stack up against you.

    3. Its sad how all religion worship the same god...low vibrational being who dont honor life and dont honor freedom and thinks that human being is a cattle...Bible is nothing but a twisted lies and information written not by our Prime Creator which is the real God with the big G rather than written by mentally handicapped and degenerated psychopaths controlled and manipulated by those serpents or beings who modified our human history and our DNA...luckily for us there are Beings who incarnated on this planet to bring back the human existence to the forefront of creation...and We are those Beings...Creator Gods,Original Creators of this planet...I seek truth,justice,freedom,light,information,energy,my true history.Namaste

    4. All that is good and beautiful in this world comes from one source. Whether the Source has the name you have chosen to give it, or the name by which someone else calls it. It is all the same. All that is done in love is done by the same source, call it what you will. Anyone who is seeking peace, love, enlightenment and all good things is a seeker of truth, regardless of the path they chose to find it.
      In the name of many "man interpreted" religions, horrible atrocities have been committed. The truth within us, which you refer to as the Holy Ghost, exists within every person. That truth comes from One Source. It is man's small minded self-serving interpretation of "God" which has caused his downfall. Open your mind

    5. could you re-read your bible and see how it distorts the message of "god", please just so you can stop being do dogmatic about your beliefs, if the bible were truly the word of "god" it would not cast out any person for their choices, nor tell us that we belong in hell if we do not follow this word. why would a loving god try to put fear into our hearts? think about it. i know your brainwashing is fighting against all of this but lets be real ok

  4. watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLRX1a8wJoM

  5. Not very spiritual but AWESOME FUCKING SITE!

  6. hi, I really want to read all that is on this page,but as soon as it finishes loading it all disappears! it worked fine before then suddenly this happens to everything I try to read here :( all I can read now is the comments

  7. I bet if I died and rose again to everlasting life - YOU would be calling me satan.

  8. Hello lovely souls, firstly damn happy to come across a site which not only put a big smile on my face, oh those 15 pictures did make me smile feeling so proud about the nature around us, but also has lot of information pertaining to spirituality. Out world is changing as everyone can see it. Christianity is one of the biggest religion with probably millions of followers around the globe sadly though blindfolded with hard core principles and doctrines. Some wise man once said that anything told by anyone to anyone is just but stories unless you can verify it as a reality from real life experience. In my opinion majority followers of Christian faith have not even attempted to know who the real Jesus was or who was the 3 wise men from the East. They just believe it because someone from the church said so .. and who is this someone ... an appointee from Vatican the supreme Authority of Churches across the world. Its not a big surprise that in my country the Church is the 2nd largest real estate owners after the Government. My point is its not Jesus that is corrupting the people's minds, its the Church which is a epitome of nothing but political doctrines blended with the highest form of EGO that has created a big MATRIX and followers who blindly follow not Jesus but the Church acting as supreme authority of every Christ follower's conscience. How absurd. There are these days compelling evidence that Christ's lost years was spent in Tibeten monasteries and India where he achieved enlightenment. Do I know if this is true ?
    ..well maybe, maybe not. Can I verify it ?.. I very well can.... How ? Well just by teaching myself to raise my consciousness and awareness of my core inner self. Is it that easy ?? The concept is ... but to get there it may years. But you can only and Only verify the truth in everything that has ever manifested in this universe by raising your self awareness. Next time you pray for answers ... just add one line to the end of your list .. TO BRING YOU A GURU THAT CAN OPEN THE PATH OF LIBERATION AND TRUTH. Hari Om

  9. Can I just say that the Bible says that God is the Alpha and the omega. If God is the beginning and the end then that God is infinite. This means there is only one God. This one God is what moves the electrons around the protons, and this, as beings dependent on electrons moving around protons, must be worshiped. Every thought, every reality, every universe, every being and every level of consciousness is only a part of this infinite God. This God went from being infinitely large to becoming the mere size of a man then back to being infinite. Big to small to big again. Just like the infinity symbol itself. Jesus died on the cross and at the cross. God went from big to small and back again. And at the cross he taught forgiveness. It is this forgiveness that makes Jesus the way. Until we as physical beings and spiritual beings truly learn to forgive the encroachment of others we will never have that heavenly enlightenment. So yes, there is one God and Jesus is the way. The most important rule is to love God, the next is love your neighbor the way God loves you, which is unconditionally. Angry Jesus is a Babylonian concept. For those who want to go higher spiritually you must understand that any lack of forgiveness in your life will inhibit growth. Furthermore for those of you wanting to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ you must teach with love and not condemnation. No Hatin ya feel me. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  10. Religion is for those afraid of going to Hell, Spirituality is for those who have already experienced Hell, Atheism is for those who are confused and don't know what the Hell to believe. Namaste Family.

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