Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who Are We? Try Out This Meditation To Get A Glimpse

“You are not ‘this’ nor any image or thought. You are the ‘I AM’ presence before you give it a name. You are the Silent and formless Awareness.” – Mooji 
Do you ever feel like you do not know who you are any longer and feel like you’re having an identity crisis? Or perhaps you feel very anchored in your identity and plan to stand by it till death do you part? What if our ‘I’dentity was nothing but the ‘I’dea of who we think we are?
A lot of the personal challenges and fears we have are rooted in our identification with our self-image, our role, our “separate self”. This identity includes all learned belief systems, judgments and concepts of who we are and of what life is. When we feel our identity threatened, we feel defensive, hurt and afraid, and when our identity gets “what it wants”, we feel “confident”, “better” and “happier”… until the next threat arises. But are we limited to this dance of polarity and fragile self-image? Do we really need to get attached to it? The truth is; beyond this identity lies a great peace, freedom and clearer perspective. We often believe we are limited to our minds and thoughts and have no greater depth to our being, yet we are far grander than what our thoughts could ever encapsulate.
The reason why we are bombarded with challenges and emotional baggages in these times is because we are ready to shed off the layers that come between our conditioning and original self. What is our original self? A more self-explanatory question would be: who were you before you adopted an identity with gender, culture, belief systems and body image? Before you learned to judge, compare, fear and conform to the status quo? The first thing that usually comes to mind is “a child”. So let’s take the consciousness of a child – before all of ideas of “who we are” and “what life should be” kicked in – and let’s pair it with our adult bodies and intellect. How do we feel now? Freer? More open-minded? Less confined? Lighter? More playful and creative? More at peace? This is our natural state, yet it can be difficult to let go of our identity and belief systems since it can seem like without it, we would cease to exist.
Here is a short meditation that acts as a tool to break down the idea that there is no life beyond our identity by allowing us to feel our true essence.

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