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What’s the Difference Between Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming

Many people believe that astral projection is nothing more than an extremely vivid and lucid dream. A common misconception fabricated from people who most likely have never experienced a lucid dream and have definitely never experienced astral projection. There is a huge difference between both of them and anyone who has experienced both will tell you the same.
So how do you know if you are experiencing a lucid dream or if you are actually in the astral? If you have to ask this question then It was most definitely a lucid dream.  Even though lucid dreams feel extremely real and vivid, they are nothing like actually being inside of the astral plane.
There are four different situations that come up between lucid dreaming and astral projection:  1) You are having a normal lucid dream. 2) You are having a lucid dream that you are in the astral. 3) You are unconsciously astral projecting. 4) You are fully aware and actually in the astral. Let’s go over the differences.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming, no matter how real and vivid it feels, is still a dream. You are not in your astral body or the astral plane. Everything that you experience, every character that you meet, and everyplace that you visit is a manifestation of your thoughts. Nothing that you experience in the dream realm is real. Lucid Dreaming is a great place to start if you want to learn how to astral project though. You are awakening your conscious mind while your body is still asleep. This is what is needed to astral project but instead of being inside of the dream world, you will shift your consciousness into your astral body so that you can explore the astral plane. A completely different experience than lucid dreaming. Learn more about Lucid Dreaming.

Dreaming That You are in the Astral

Just as you have dreams that you are in the physical world, you can have dreams that you are in the astral world too. Even though it may feel like astral projection, just as ordinary dreams feel as if you are in the physical, it’s still just a dream. This especially happens once you become lucid. You think, “Hey this is just a dream, I’m going to try and astral project.” Even though this is possible, most of the time you will go from the dream world into what you think is the astral plane only to wake up later and realize that it was still just a dream. If you have these types of experiences then chances are you have most likely experienced astral projection before and so your subconscious knows what to bring into your dream construct.

Unconscious Astral Projecting

In rare cases you could actually be astral projecting but be unconsciously aware of it. Your subconscious takes over and you go through the astral just as you would a normal dream. This can only happen after you have astral projected many times and your astral muscles have been exercised extensively so your astral body can easily separate from your physical body without to much effort. As you are sleeping your astral body can come out of your physical body and you remain unconscious in the astral. Most of the time though, since getting to this level requires a great deal of experience, you will realize you are in the astral and become consciously aware of it.

Astral projection

The astral plane is a real place. Spirits and other entities reside in the astral interacting with each other and high vibrational people on the physical earth plane. Everything you experience in the astral is real. There is consequences for your actions just as there is in the physical and you have no control over other entities or characters you meet. When you astral project you are actually separating your conscious mind from your physical body, to your astral body. This is your conscious vessel you use to explore and experience the astral plane. A process that can be extremely difficult and scary at first. Learn more about astral projection.
When you have your first astral projection you will know without a shadow of a doubt. It’s an unmistakable experience that feels nothing like a dream. Because our astral body is not used to separating from our physical body, it’s necessary for us to loosen the astral body first. In order to do this you must first wake up in your bed and initiate the process. If you are truly astral projecting then the first place that you will see is your bedroom. You will feel the vibrations of your astral body separating from your physical body and you will hear a high pitched buzzing sound. You won’t be inside of a dream construct.
So if dreams are not real then how is dreamscaping, precognitive dreams, and entities visiting us from other planes possible? Since the astral vibrates at a much higher frequency, our thoughts manifest much quicker. The physical earth plane is a lower vibration, denser holographic version of the astral. Everything on earth is connected to the astral including our dreams. Does this mean that every time you dream you’re in the astral? No. You are in a part of it but on a different level or dimension, just as when your awake.
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