Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Could Feed The Entire Planet Three Times Over

We have more than enough resources on the planet to take care of everybody’s needs. For example, if we look at our food waste alone, we see very quickly that with what we throw into landfills we could easily feed the entire world three times over.
We continue to look to big corporations for solutions to our problems, while remaining blind to the real solutions that could easily be implemented, or are readily available today. Solutions to these problems seem to go hand and hand with profit, and these proposed “solutions” seem to have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Genetically modified organisms are one example of these proposed ‘solutions’ to end the world hunger problem. Meanwhile, we do not know the full dangers of the practice and  as a result, multiple countries around the world have banned them. A number of studies have shown that they can indeed be harmful to our health. Here is one of many that raises cause for concern.
We also have concepts such as free energy that could provide energy to the entire planet with no external input. There are literally hundreds of ways we could create change on this planet, so why aren’t we doing it? What is stopping us? One thing that’s stopping us is a lack of awareness, the more people that wake up to what is really happening around them, the more people feel the need to change the world. With that intent alone, the ball will start rolling as we accelerate towards a new experience for all. Luckily, the ball is already in motion.
Humanity is waking up, and we are starting to see much more clearly. Check out this very informative video below:

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