Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Calm Before The Shift

Zen Gardner, Guest
Waking Times
There appears to be a growing sentiment that we’re on the verge of some kind of significant breakthrough. Not the obvious crackdown of the powers that be, but a good move forward for conscious humanity. It seems to be an awareness step of some sort, but this next stage is becoming more and more palpable.
Many have talked about these energetic changes and the consciousness shift we’re in the midst of, but even within that we can sense levels of relative change and I’m hearing it from all sides. There’s an unraveling going on as the awakened become empowered, but many dynamics are involved.
Is it related to this feeling of a calm before a storm on the world stage, a version of our own anticipation clearly known amongst the awakened?
he difference is the awakened are not reactive, but responsive and even proactive. We follow our hearts and feel out what’s transpiring. While the compulsion and near infatuation with keeping track of the mounting manipulative deeds of the usurpers consumes a lot of alternative attention, we can also sense these hard to perceive shifts in perspective that continue to surface.
They happen for our own encouragement and help to mark our points of progress in what we’re accomplishing and where we’re going.
More importantly, seeing these definitive integrated, staged changes helps to articulate these progressions. This isn’t just the overall “shift” we’re in the midst of, but a clear staged move into a post awakened awareness and understanding of where we are at in this present moment.

Spiritual Resignation – or the Pause that Refreshes?

The current trend that I’m personally sensing is almost a spiritual resignation taking place. Not in a negative “I give up” tone, but more a realization of what is about to take place and the many practical preparations. Many are finding that helping those who aren’t willing to be helped, or those who aren’t willing to be made aware of this nearing point, as a futile form of redundancy.
“Why try? They don’t want it…”
In other words, what people are meant to do they’ll do, or not do. It’s really up to them to wake up or not. This feeling is triggered by the auto-response mechanism they all seem to display – “no, no, and more no. It’s not possible, it can’t be, and you’re full of conspiracy crap” yada yada.
My take? It’s true. Walk away from the dead and go find the living. We have serious work to do.
It’s much like the age old philosophical argument between free will and determinism. Just because we run up against dead heads doesn’t mean we stop doing what we’re doing. We march on in spite of thuggish attitudes and mindless opposition.
The fun thing is, another mechanism is seeping in and we need to understand it clearly.

The Truther and the Fatalist – Are They Merging?

While awakened souls feel compelled to reach out and tell others what has become intensely clear to them, they’re also continually processing the more subtle changes around them and what they are indicating. There is no set agenda, there are no set protocols except love and a strong desire for truth.
But what happens when the mission seems to come to an end? What happens when the campaigner thinks it’s become futile, the die is cast, the worm has turned, the tables are fixed?
I’m not saying that’s the case across the board, but it’s a reality seeping in and I’m not afraid of it, as active as I am. I can understand that type of resignation and the decision to pull back and prepare for the changeover. It’s very realistic.
In my mind that’s not what I endorse, although I have taken precautions in my own life along those lines and encouraged others to do the same. Keeping at the battle every chance I get is what I live for. But I think I’m catching the drift of the “resignationist”.
It’s all about to happen and people aren’t listening.
But they can.
More importantly, let people want to wake up and decide for themselves. If they’re not hungry, you can’t make ‘em hungry. Leading a horse to water, no mater how compelling or entertaining, will not make it drink. But there’s an inner desire on the part of all living creatures.

Freed to Take Care of Business

We need to each learn to deal with this dilemma ourselves and act on it. I will not endorse reluctance, compliance, giving up or yielding to the dystopic negative entropic forces in any way, shape or form. But this wave of spiritual sensation is a profound one, and nothing to be ashamed of if you’re feeling it.
The reason? We ARE there. It IS all about to blow. Maybe folks are being freed to go about their lives to get their things in order, prepare loved ones, concentrate their energy on immediate matters.
If that’s the case, that’s wonderful. We’re all supposed to be going about getting our lives and homes in order, but sometimes we need to be freed from other perceived obligations. This isn’t necessarily everyone’s “reason” for disengaging from the battle but I hope it does some potential explaining and liberating.
For everyone.
Keep on. Very strange times we’re passing through. Be aware, be conscious, be ready, be responsible.
Hang on and let go. You’ll know what to do. Just do what calls you.
From your heart.
Much love – Zen
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  1. Thank you for this.
    A lot of my poetry has taken this form lately, but i've been rather sad that I can't discover that innate desire to turn people "on"... I know its out there.

    Thank you for the article!

  2. Your piece seems somewhat contradictory in that I feel that the situation we are in calls for love and acceptance, whereas you're seemingly coming from a warrior stance on things, which doesn't seem to have much to do with love and acceptance. I don't believe it is our job to push people kicking and screaming into their spiritual awakening, it's our job to awaken ourselves and light the way for others don't you think?

    1. I have had the same attitude toward this as Zen Gardner since I was a kid. I've never understood those skinny pro-peace hippies and such with their pot and gatherings.
      A man once said: you can't have ethics if you do not have any power. How will you prevent a man from robbing an elderly lady if you're too weak and too frightened to confront him?

      And his standpoint on this goes hand in hand with nature: when you see a clip of a lioness cuddling its cubs and taking care of them you might say "aaaaw!" but this same lioness can rip you to shreds if you try and take its babies away. And she won't go about it in a civil and gentle way.

      It is the same with us - you want to have power so that you're able to stand up for your values and freedom. The problem is that most of the people are just not taught how to handle power and if or when they get it, they become bullies in one way or the other.

      And as far as I understood he also shares your point of view about not to push people kicking and screaming into an awakening, but I do agree in some circumstances it could be beneficial to a person if you smack him with a reality check.

    2. Being a warrior is not just about the combative arts, actions or communication, a true warrior walks a path of love and acceptance. He/she can be a truly benevolent individual and still enlighten, protect, inform and guide people, it doesn't have to be in an aggressive or forceful manner. Enlightenment, or lighting the way can be done with love and patience which still accounts for action, complete passivity cannot always be classed as the higher path, in fact, it could be seen as the opposite.

    3. We all have our own way and our own style to either light the way or rudely awaken the masses. I think every differnt style is important and although some of us may choose a loving path many of us will be more aggressive. Different approaches will work on different people but all are as relevant as each other.

  3. Dig deeper ... Notice the watchers... Seeding and gifting and deceiving... U can make me the "mark" but will this be the very way in which you miss the mark (sin)? Deception runs deep, u can crucify me but u can not defeat me my soul my light. The ultimate test is here... And there is another big twist... Two wrongs don't make a right.. Many will be those who "know not what they do." May wesave us from ourselves.

  4. Just the discussion of the idea has perpetuated a variety of exponential effects in people and movements. In my opinion the beginning of this thought/discussion/debate, began in ernest with the "Mayan prophecies" and 2012. I doesn't matter whether the prophecy thing is true or not. Debating this point only serves to detract from the work one must do for themselves. Some look 'outside' to esoteric or NWO concepts about mass manipulation, while others take these theories with a grain of salt and prefer to use the idea to mean a self reevaluation or renewal. A positive effect if it's personal, but on the social level only degrades into a power struggle for who gets to interpret the course of change. This can only be destructive. The most pernicious part of this will be those who are so self convinced of the "inevitability", and so self assured of being most in tune and sensitive to it, that a need for force against those who think otherwise will be the easiest thing in the world to engage in and justify.
    Like witch hunts and Cristian crusades, a deep unshakable belief, a righteousness of extreme magnitude will consume otherwise decent folks and turn them into monsters. All the while convincing themselves that they are mere vassals or conduits for "greater good", "God's Word", "expulsion of evil" "correcting the world" "chosen" infintum...
    There is no doubt that at least a decade of this thinking has spawned as many ideas about it as there are people. The real struggle is to consolidate and focus the accepted 'narrative' into one that unites rather than divides. This however is unrealistic. The internet proves this. Before this amazing form of communication, ones accumulated knowledge and views were more solitary and less challenged. The gradual access to a wider range of thoughts and ideas have served to consolidate some thoughts into 'dogma' while others have been thrown into camps of self doubt and paranoia, and yet others have simply found examples of what they already knew. At some point these schisms are going to clash. Not because it's inevitable, but because many believe it so fervently that they will make it happen no matter what. "Self fulfilling prophecy" is a bitch.

  5. We are in shift...All the power we need is already within...there is no need to push or pull, just be and observe what you become aware more! The only thing that is important is NOW and those that can remain present to that. Everything else will take care of itself...just hold intention, be present and LOVE...

  6. TOO many of you are caught up by your ego's need to define this situation, you do not know what is going to happen, no one does...stop thinking, your brain is holding you captive! Your capacity for co-creation and unfolding is determined by your capacity to surrender and let go...not to know and be right! JUST BE...