Monday, July 15, 2013

How To Deprogram Yourself

Gregg Prescott, M.S., In5D Guest
Waking Times
Society has undergone a mass brainwashing, and it is time for us to deprogram ourselves in order to be completely immersed in the evolution of consciousness.

1. Religion

If a UFO were to land in your backyard tonight, I promise that ET will not have either a bible or money. Religion has been the longest running form of mind control on the planet and has served to not only keep us separated, but to depopulate the world through numerous wars, Inquisitions and Crusades in the name of “God”.
What religion does not teach us is that we are powerful, spiritual beings without them.
In the next few months or years, we can look forward to religion’s next form of mind control as they admit to the presence of extraterrestrial beings.  This, of course, will not fall into the bible’s timeline, unless they try to convince their followers that the ET’s have only been around for the last 6,000 years as well.  If that were true, then why are they so much more advanced than we are if they are able to travel light years to visit us?
The real truth is that the bible is just a story to keep you living in subservience, control and conformity, the same template as every government.
Solution: Ask lots of questions and go within for answers.  It is time to take control of your own life instead of giving your energy and power away to others.

2. Money

When you find religion, you find money as these two tenets in life are married to one another. Within these two entities, you’ll also find their bastard stepchild, government, as all 3 are perpetually tied to each other.
I often ask people, “If there was no such thing as money, then what would you be doing with your life?” This will give you an idea of what your life purpose should be if you were not influenced by the almighty dollar.
While money can simply be viewed as another form of energy, neither positive or negative, it also takes us away from our true, natural selves along with what is truly important in our lives.
We are all economic slaves to the system. How many of us work 40+ hours a week only to find ourselves so drained at the end of the day that we don’t want to do anything other than relax and watch TV?
That means that you are working 40+ hours so you can enjoy yourself for the weekend. In essence, you are an economic slave for 5 days to the corporations, in exchange for 2 days to yourself. Does this sound fair? And how are you spending these two days? Are you helping to make this world a better place, or are you simply recharging your batteries so you can go back to being a slave to these corporations who drained your battery in the first place?
Solution: We live in a society that relies on money for existence. Some people are able to get off the gridcompletely, but they are few and far between. Find whatever it is that truly makes you happy, then find ways to make a living doing it. There may be a time when you have to work your current job while building a new career, but in the end, you’ll find that working for yourself is much more gratifying than working some job that you hate for a boss who is an a*hole.
Also, stop supporting these companies that keep us living as economic slaves. Buy local.

3. Nature

Everything that man has done has contributed to the degradation of nature as we have polluted our food, skies and water supplies. Nature was much better off without us.
Despite our ways, nature provides an outlet and an opportunity to connect with what is important in life because without nature, we do not exist, period.
Solution: Take the time to connect with nature. Go out for a long walk in the woods or at the beach. Listen. Stargaze. Find that inner peace that nature provides. This is much more enriching than wasting your time watching TV.

4. TV

Along with religion, this is one of the biggest mind control venues out there. How many times have you ever felt good after watching the news? If you trace who owns the mainstream media in the United States (TV, newspapers, radio stations, magazines, etc…) you’ll find that there are only 6 people at the top of the chain and all have Zionist ties, so what are the chances that your news is “fair and unbiased”?
Do you enjoy being (literally) programmed into what you should eat, wear, drink, etc… through the commercials?
This is why we never see an introverted person on TV ads because it shows the wrong message to those in power as they discourage people from looking within. Every ad shows some extrovert with his or her group of friends living the fictitious life that you should be living (through their eyes). And these people have above average looks and portray success, which subconsciously tell us that we are not good enough the way we are and if we want to be successful, beautiful and have friends like them, then we need to purchase whatever product they are selling. Does this sound ridiculous? It is, yet many people fall for this ploy, otherwise the commercial would not exist.
Solution: Stop watching TV. If you cannot do this, then record educational programs and skip through the commercials.

5. Meditate

The biggest excuse people say when asked why they do not meditate is, “I don’t have the time” yet these same people will waste hours watching their favorite TV shows.
Another excuse is, “I can’t clear my mind.”
There are many different forms of meditation and in time, you will be able to meditate at a crowded beach or swimming pool if you really wanted to.
There are many physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits to meditating. (see 100 Benefits of Meditation)
Meditation allows you to connect to your higher while giving you clarity and insight to your direction and purpose for being here. This is why our senses are over-stimulated with everything else… to keep us too busy to connect with our higher selves.
Solution:  Find the time to meditate, even if it is for only 5-10 minutes a day. Experiment with different meditation techniques.

6. Cleanse Your Body

As part of the programming, our bodies have been introduced to many foreign substances, such as vaccines, GMO’s, fluoridated water, chemtrails, mercury fillings, etc…
There is a reason why 55 countries have BANNED GMO’s and why there is a Monsanto Protection Act in the United States. If you haven’t already, please educate yourself on the dangers of genetically modified organisms.
Each of these substances and elements have been specifically designed to keep our energies at low levels while polluting our bodies along with the air, water and food supplies.
Plus, each of these are introducing elements that are foreign to our bodies and cannot possibly be good for you.
People will say, “Well, I’ve been eating GMO’s for years and I feel great!”
10 years from now, when they’re on dialysis from kidney failure or need massive tumors removed, will they be saying the same thing?
Solution:  Buy local. Buy organic. Stop buying from chain stores. Filter your water, use reverse osmosis or buy clean drinking water. Plant organic heirloom seeds. Replace mercury fillings. Refuse vaccinations. Research holistic physicians and methods to cure holistically.

7. Education

Our educational system is a complete failure as it basically grooms our children to become corporate economic slaves while discouraging them to ask questions and follow their own path.
Generally, there has been a “dumbing down” in our educational systems because it is not in the controller’s best interests to have a large part of the society questioning why things are the way they are, nor is it in their best interests for us to come up with better solutions.
College is yet another failure as it generally creates even more economic subservience through student loans that will take a life time to repay.
Solution:  Homeschool your children without the state sponsored propaganda. Teach them at a young age to take time out to meditate. Encourage metaphysical abilities within them (or yourself!).


For many people, they will not see or acknowledge the brainwashing and programming that has been occurring throughout the decades and centuries until it is too late. Many will live their lives content as being economic slaves to a broken system.
There are options and solutions. Please watch the video below, Global Unity Project: What The World Need Right Now.
We are at an important juncture in human history. The path we are currently following is unsustainable and will inevitably self-destruct, as it is already doing under its own weight. What we need are solutions and answers, but first, we need to awaken from the collective programming we’re under and work together to provide solutions in the best interests of humanity.

About the Author
Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the author and host of, where this article was originally featured. Please visit his excellent and inspiring website.
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  1. I didn't bother watching the first clip because the slide of Jesus Christ had false information. It's hard to take something seriously when the research and facts aren't straight.

    1. And how do you know its false information?? Have you done your own research? Or have you been so indoctrinated that you don't wanna know the truth?

    2. The Zeitgeist religion blurb has been proven to be littered with errors. That's not to say that a lot of it isn't likely truth (ie religious stories being allegories of astrological movement).

      Personally I'd add 8. Listen to Alan Watt cutting through the matrix earlier shows for more in depth 'deprogramming'

  2. The ideas described are generally aligned with my personal priorities but the videos sway far from true evidence based research into conspiracy theory land. The ultra idealistic views don't reflect anything that could work or be agreed upon by our diverse society. This sites claim of critical thinking is a misnomer.

  3. Free Your Minds ... and the rest will follow ... stop thinking of obstacles and anomalies ... look out through The Window Of Opportunity ... Then OPEN The Door To Endless Possibility ... and play your part, however futile it may initially seem, in freeing every man, woman and child on the planet from oppression through, of, and by, a self-nominated, innately conceited power structure ... IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE SHARING ALL THE WORLD <3 ... It doesn't cost a brown penny to think beautiful thoughts ... and it is also far more GRATIFYING than the immediate alternative ... "Día Agus Muire Dhaoibh Go Léir A Cháirde!"

  4. The bible actually refers to extraterrestrials (bad name) or whatever you actually call them ("elohim"- the people on high). Christianity has its roots in pagan religions. Check your history before you post, I thought this site was about keeping an open mind. Just because Jesus Christ is referred to in Christianity as having all of those attributes of the birth story and all, they have adopted religions in the past that have kept "idols". We are all apart of God I agree with you, essense of the living universe, but do not shun these illuminated people such as Jesus because what others say about them. Listen to peoples messages such as Jesus (he is teaching the same message that this site is), that is their true essence, in the end we are vibrations that are continuous and infinite. If we are all apart of one thing why would you ever want to hurt your being. Our physical bodies will go, but our spirits will remain. Great Site just thought I'd express what my journey has taught me.

  5. Man, this could have been really good...






  7. We See
    we see history of war lies and false flags
    we see the history of mass schooling
    we see the history of intel agencies
    we see the mass media saturating us in lies
    we see the money system and human sociopathy
    we see the hidden from the masses
    we see Reality

  8. Zionism? Really? What kind do you refer? Again, get your facts straight here, mister. this could have been a very strong article.

  9. Anon post July 16, 2013 at 6:23 AM says it perfectly. The Zeitgeist bit on religion has been completely debunked and proven of fraudulent, intentional misinformation in order to smear Jesus Christ and Christianity in general. You tube search for a 5 or 6 part series by Keith Williams, it's very good. Just because some people have made any religion look bad, you can't knock JC. He was teaching exactly what your trying, less successfully I might add, to teach. He had a higher message that even his disciples failed to understand, that we right now are starting to scratch the surface of. Don't just use the bible as a source, but look at the gnostic teachings that quote Jesus. The author of this piece is mixing up Jesus' message with the regurgitated version from the ones that run the Church, you know, the re-edited ones.

  10. Each to their own, as long as it doesn't hurt another human being, or destroy our earth. Each to their own.