Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Retired Police Captain Destroys "The War On Drugs"

Retired police Capt. Peter Christ is about to make more sense about the War on Drugs than anyone you've ever heard in the past. His basic premise is that we need to legalize drugs, but if you're skeptical, just give him a few minutes to convince you. 
Highlights include a very honest answer to a commonly asked drug question at 0:54, the easiest question to answer about the War on Drugs at 4:48, the complete destruction of the biggest argument anti-drug advocates use at 7:23, using the Bible to prove the ineffectiveness of prohibition at 13:55, and a rapid-fire debunking of several myths all in one breath at 14:20. 
If you have to leave right now, just skip to 5:58 for the thesis statement in a single sentence.

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  2. All very valid and noteworthy points, but regardless of whether or not you could get a society to come to an agreement on legalizing narcotics, you forget about the U.S. government and it's relationship with the drug GROWERS and SUPPLIERS (Columbian & Russian cartels, among others).

    The U.S. government has a vested interest in allowing these cartels to "access" our drug-buying people, as they [cartels] in turn, handle smaller conflicts for the U.S. through force or influence.

    Imagine if the U.S. liaison to the Columbian drug cartels went there with the news that America just legalized cocaine and pot, basically taking billions out of their pockets annually. The repercussions would be disastrous.

  3. Oh great just what we need a free pass for every heroin addict on the street to just continue to destroy there life and the lives around them... So great drugs are legal but people will still need money to buy the drugs... so lets say heroin becomes legal, now every one can turn to stealing to support there habit!!! This is the stupidest thing I have every heard!!! Obviously he doesn't care what drugs actually do to people and there family. Wow... is all I can say. The war on drugs is a f n joke, another scam by the government. What we really need is more support care for addicts!!! We will never ever get all the drugs out of america!!! That's a fact! But for crying out loud not every drug dealer is a gangster and not every addict is a bum living under the bridge. Drugs need to be illegal!!! More funding for treatment and after care. Doctors and health care professionals have the highest recovery rate because they have a 5 year minimum on accountability. We throw addicts in a 12 day treatment facility, if funding is high in there area they might be lucky to get a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment, then there kicked out and left to there own free will and no support.... WOW this guy is a dumb ass !!

    1. FUCK OFF. You're such a fucking moron. Next time comment AFTER you pull your head out of your ass.

    2. the point is that the addicts don't get proper care while there habit is illegal.
      ignore the other Anonymous who seems to think judging you personally helps the discussion.

    3. i think his point is prison is not helping them. so why is it a criminal offense? in being a criminal matter rather than a social matter that could be dealt with strictly through the healthcare system (by drugging them with new different stuff of course) it is only profiting the politicians and the cartels. if it is regulated like tobacco and alcohol then they ill actually have more control over its growth and distribution so they can assure more of the profit goes towards enriching the area in other ways.

  4. I agree with alot of what he says having to do with pot but you cant really compare Alcohol with pot because just like entitlement programs nobody likes things taken away. Therefore of course crime went up when they started a war on Alcohol. Example.. once pot is federally legal they will never EVER be able to get rid because we will fight to our deaths to maintain that freedom. Right now there is no national outcry when someone gets busted because we are used to it being illegal vs if it was legal for years then they started taking it away there would be a national outcry just the same as when Alcohol was starting to be taken away. It should have never been illegal to begin with in my opinion and we have become docile when it relates to personal freedoms....Peace

  5. SHELLY DEMULL all I can say is stfu. Honestly you do not know anything. When people use drugs they destroy themselves. It is your personal choice, Wether that harms you or not once again it is your OWN BODY. If i want to do drugs it is my decision and if it ends up killing me it is my fault. At least with legalizing it the government benefits. The problem with America is that it tries to help everyone at their own expense. That is why we are in such a big debt and I do not see America ever getting out of it. If we would legalize drugs, cut back on military spending and make all of the welfare and charge any group that depends on any financial assisting we would generate alot of money. Think about it if we had people who depend on food stamps do volunteer work as a repayment for food stamps businesses and the economy would benefit off it. If the military would stop funding its pointless TERRORIST DEFENSE WEAPONS we could put every high school grad into a 4 year college for free. Their is solutions to everything and one thing we must realize is that has free people it is your FREE will to harm yourself. If you have someone telling you how to live your life not only would that be offensive but retarded, seeing has this world and everything is based of free will. With out free will/ curiosity nothing would exist.