Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Study Finds THC May Treat Stomach Cancer

new study conducted by the the Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine, and published in the journal Anticancer Research, has found promising evidence that THC may be the best medicine available to treat stomach cancer, thc1especially when traditional medicine has been ineffective.
During the study researchers used cancer cells that were resistant to chemotherapy, and dosed the cells with a synthetic form of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary compounds found in cannabis. Researchers noted a drastic reduction in the survival rate of the cells that were exposed to the synthetic THC.
When conducting the study researchers found that larger doses of THC led to higher rates of cancer cell death, validating the initial finding that it can be an effective treatment.
Although more research is needed, hopefully this study – in addition with numerous others that have been released recently – will pave the way for cannabis being used as a standard – and not alternative – medicine in treating various forms of cancer.
Originally posted on: The Joint Blog


  1. QI Gong look it up and ask which is the cleanest way to healing your bodies. most of the medical profession knows this. Happy findings!!!!

  2. Real THC is 94% more effective than synthetic Marinol.. in fact Natural approach would never to be separating the Oil as every Component in the Cannabinoid Oil has a crucial role in the overall healing of the cancer.
    One more thing, There are not many types of cancer, the cancer is the same no matter where in the body it is found, Cancers are just classified by location for convenience, like you have Cancer in the lungs they call it "Lung-Cancer", in the Stomach, "Stomach-Cancer" and so forth on the other hand do we have over 200 different Cell types and they can react and behave differently.
    All that aside, killing cancer cells is secondary in Cannabinoid Cancer treatment, the main goal is to build up your Immune-system and getting the scoop under the reason you got the Cancer in the first place, the killing of the Cancer cells will naturally follow preferably perpetrated mostly by your own, just rejuvenated T-cells.

    OneLove - JBB