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Synchronicity: How I Created The Universe - Part 2

Be sure to read part 1 first, or you might be really lost! :D

The Day I met Nathan Caldwell

By: Yoinkie

At 4:52pm, January 23rd 2012, I was driving down High Street, less then a block to my destination(the video store), when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a blue Honda Civic parked on the side of the road. You should ask yourself, how may things a day pass by in the corner of your eye? They are there, but they aren't really there in your perception, because they come into your life for a brief second, exist only in the corner of your eye, and pass along and you are never the wiser of having seen it. That's how I saw Nathan's Blue Honda, but I couldn't really tell you why I stopped. I never really ever stop, and I dint know shit about cars, so what could I even do if I did stop?

The first few moments between Nathan Caldwell and I were, uneventful. I asked him if he needed help, he said his car just stalled and he couldn't figure out what was wrong, and after 4 minutes of staring at his engine base without a fucking clue what I was looking at, I told him the best I could do for him is to drive him to the nearest mechanic shop. He agreed, and off we went in my car. 11 minutes. 11 minutes is the only uneventful, plane, and normal minutes Nathan Caldwell and I ever spent together. I wish it could have been more, because he was actually a pretty funny guy. In a different world under different circumstances, we could have become good friends who shared a blunt and drank a beer like normal people do. 11 minutes, of a perfectly normal story, followed by... followed by... well, this.
At 5:05pm, we approached a red light on a two lane road. It was roughly 8 seconds after that that a police car pulled up in the lane next to us, and proceeded to give us the "what are these 2 guys up to?" look that scare the shit out of most people, who have something to hide. Of course, I had nothing to hide, so I proceeded to look straight, and acknowledge to Nathan that the mechanic shop is just up the street some ways. Nathan told me to take a right, to which I said, "No, there is nothing to the right, just the highway. The only mechanic you are gonna get in this shitty town is up ahead." That's when I felt the nozzle of the gun being brushed up against my abs. "Don't make any sudden movements, and take this right and get onto the highway heading west", Nathan told me in a firm voice which was much different then the friendly monotone voice he had been using for the past 12 minutes. I guess, once you pull a gun on someone, the subtleties of conversation are no longer necessary, and the only thing left is to get what you want.
The next 15 minutes are exactly how you can imagine, no need for me to go into too much detail. Me, freaking out telling Nathan to calm down, and put the gun away. Nathan, not speaking too much but giving directions like he knew exactly where he was and where he wanted to go. Me, trying to think of all the crime negotiator shows I've seen in my life and using them to get the fuck out of this situation without a bullet hole. This was immediately followed by 25 more minutes, of the exact same thing. We were now 3 towns over and making good progress towards, well, where ever Nathan was taking me. It was at this point that I realized that crime shows and the negotiating skills I had learned from them would be of no use to me, so I fell back on being myself.
"So, where are we going, are you ever going to tell me?" I asked, trying to be a friendly and inquisitive hostage. "You still don't remember me, do you?" He responded. Wasn't really expecting that, but it re-instated the fear in me. What did he mean? Was he, a famous killer who I had failed to recognize? A serial killer? A rapist, maybe? No, I just couldn't tell exactly what he meant, so I thought I might as well ask. " I suppose to know you from somewhere? Are you famous, or have we met before?"
"June 5th, 1998", he said. I ignored the fact that he had just answered my question with a precise date, and got to thinking about my past. Lets see, 1998, 14 years ago...that would make me...20. June, of my 20th year of life, lets see...that was the month I graduated from MIT with my AA. June 5th, would probably be near or the exact date of my graduation. "I met you at MIT? Is that what you are trying to say?" To which I got a response of "yes."
"Where did I meet you? How come I don't remember you? Were you in my graduation class? I don't remember a Nathan Caldwell? Fuck all that...why are you here? And how do you remember me from something that happened 14 years ago?" I asked, all at once, almost demanding these answers from a man I didn't know, who happened to be holding a gun on me.
It was a minute of silence later that we passed a sign saying "San Diego: 14 miles". This was also the time that Nathan Caldwell decide to start talking. This was the moment, that Nathan Caldwell, decided to put into motion the falling domino set that is my life. Do you remember moments in you life that you could look back at and say, "You know, everything in my life changed from that moment on." You probably don't, unless you remember the first time you met your wife, or the moment you got hired at a new job. But those moments, you actually want those moments to happen. They are the moments you worked for your entire life. This was also a moment I worked for my entire life(albeit unknowingly), but I wouldn't say it was a moment that I actually wanted to happen.
"Listen to me carefully, Neko. What I am about to tell you is completely real, and you will soon understand that. What I am about to tell you now is the most important thing anyone has ever told you. It is the most important thing, that anyone, has ever told anyone." Said Nathan.
Are you comfortable? I hope you are, because you are about to witness how my entire world and existence came to unravel, in a 3 minute speech from a man named Nathan Caldwell.
"at 2:33pm June 5th, 1998, I was walking down the hall of MIT with by then girlfriend, Natasha Young, who you know very well. We paused at the student bulletin board briefly, behind a man named Neko Clayton. He, you, were putting up a bulletin for Proffesor Wein's newly formulated class called "The Physics of Star Trek". It was supposedly created to be a 2 credit class for shits and giggles, that discussed theories of Star Trek, but mainly theories surrounding the possibility of time travel. Now, I didn't really learn much from this class, but it was in this class that I met seven students, who I had previously no interaction's with. These seven people and I formulated a bond over that summer, and started discussing the possibility of time travel and if could ever be possible. These seven people are all now my colleagues at the CERN facility in San Diego. We are all the lead team that created and operates "Project TASM" Which is abbreviation for Time And Space Manipulation."
I am listening to Nathan speaking in utter shock and dismay as to how he could detail out a precise time in my life so coherently. "wait a second. No wait, I remember that day. I even remember being at the bulletin board putting up that bulletin. Well, I don't actually remember putting it up, but I do remember that was the first time I met Natasha Young. Do you... do you know that I am still in a relationship with her?" I asked, cautiously, realizing that he had just told me that Natasha use to be his girlfriend, and this could all be some kind of long and twisted revenge plot for me stealing his girlfriend.
"Yes, I know that, Neko. That exact moment, I became fascinated with the bulletin that you had just put up, which led Natasha to becoming a little bored and irritated with me. In the 2 minutes I stared at the poster, Natasha noticed you, and having realized that you are in her Philosophy class, struck up a conversation with you, which ultimately led to you to becoming closer, combined with my fascination and involvement in Professor Wein's class, led her to break up with me, and end up with you." Nathan paused for a brief moment, as to collect himself before speaking again.
"The reason I am working at CERN on "project TASM" today is because of you, Nathan, and that exact moment in time. And the reason that you are with Natasha today, is because of me and us being there at that exact moment in time."
The whole thing hit me, slowly, because I wasn't really ready to understand or accept what Nathan was trying to tell me. I now know what he was trying to tell me back then. The reason Nathan Caldwell became the man he is was because of me. The reason I ended up with Natasha, is because of him. The reason I turned left to rent the video, and ultimately meet Nathan Caldwell, is because of Natasha. But I wouldn't have ever met Natasha had it not been for Nathan. And I would have never caused the explosion in Chile, had it not been for this moment. So this moment, this exact moment in time, is because of this moment, this exact moment in time. I set off a chain of events that led to a chain of events, that ultimately led to the ultimate chain of events. Take a deep breathe, because nothing makes sense, yet. But it soon will. Imagine a set of domino's, set up in a circle. Someday, someone pushes one domino which leads to a chain reaction, and after the circle is completed, the last domino is resting on the first domino. The perfect, never ending circle.
Take a deep breathe. Now exhale. I didn't really need to explain all of this, but its something that you must understand before we can move further. The beautiful Synchronicity of it all. You may not understand it all, or any of it, just yet, but you soon will. your circle of domino's isn't complete just yet.
4 miles to San Diego, the sign up ahead tells us. "Why do you have a gun pointed at me? At least tell me that much." "Because" Nathan tells me, "I do believe I am the most wanted man in the world right now. I couldn't risk being seen by the police." I was a little bewildered by this response, but not because what he said. But because, for potentially being the most wanted man in the world, we were going about business in a very casual way. Here we were, driving on 405 south, possibly the busiest highway in California, in a plain Honda without tinted window. "aren't you worried about being caught now? I mean, you aren't really wearing any disguise, and we are a couple miles away from San Diego, where you claim to work. I may not be a criminal mastermind, but aren't you going about this drive a little too casually?" I ask Nathan.
"None of that is important. We will be long gone before anyone sees us coming. And besides, its no the police I'm worried about finding me. It's...them..." This is the first time in the hour and half of knowing Nathan Caldwell that I have seen doubt or fear on his face. "Who? The FBI, or secret service/government or something? Or maybe your colleagues...or boss man?" I ask him, curious as to know what kinda of agency could have this man scared. "No." I thought we were well passed one word responses by this time, yet somehow I knew this was a conversation that Nathan Caldwell did not intend to have.
"Well, ok. I wont ask. But tell me, why did you tell me all of this? What does it all mean? Why me? Why now? For the love of god, tell me something, man!" I demand to Nathan.
"I needed to tell you all of this. To prepare you." He says. "Prepare me for what?" I ask again, not knowing if I would get a straight answer from him this time, or not.
Nathan looks down at his watch, pauses for what seems like minutes, and then looks up at me while still holding his watch, and says, "For this."
At 6:38pm January 23rd 2012, two miles outside of San Diego, my car is reportedly seen in a fender bender collision with the car just in front. When the cops arrive on scene, The witness in the car behind us states that he saw one driver and one passenger inside of this, and then he saw the accident. He pulled over to investigate immediately and make sure everyone was OK, but to his surprise, he finds no one inside the vehicle.
6000 miles to the south, off the coast of Chile, a team of workers relay a message to CERN headquarters stating another small explosion.
A man without a name, a man that no one had ever seen before, is seen walking down Trefalger street in a small town in Sweden. He makes a phone call, and on the other line someone asks him, "has it started?", to which this man replies, "we aren't sure yet. But the circle is broken."


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