Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Synchronicity: How I Created The Universe - Part 5 - Hello, Dexter Riley

By: Yoinkie

In some random town in Sweden, a man without a name sat down at local bar to gather his thoughts. The location of the town he was in has no relevance to the story, neither does the fact that he has no name. But because this story will talk about this man without a name quite a bit before it's over, I think its best if we give him a name; just make it easier to know who we are talking about, when we are talking about him. So, lets call him, Dexter Riley.
Say hello to Dexter Riley, but don't get offended if he doesn't say it back; his people had found out a long time ago that the subtleties that we have come to accept as "common introduction courtesy" are useless time consumers.
Dexter Riley had only talked to a few people while in this trip of his, and not because he wanted to, but because it was human culture to make small talk while trying to obtain something(in Dexter's case, it was a place to sleep, food and drinks). Dexter could understand the basic needs of small talk fairly well, but he still couldn't figure out why people asked the most common question asked on earth, "How are you doing?" Dexter really didn't care how anyone was doing, and couldn't understand why people all over cared how he was doing. The first time he was asked this question was just a few blocks away, while he was checking into the sleeping area, also called a hotel. The man behind the counter asked Dexter how he was doing, to which Dexter responded, "not well all at. My group committed the first mistake in the history of our company, and it is quite possible that the blame will fall on me." Dexter had continued to tell this man the tale of "how he was doing" until the man had blatantly cut him off, some 3 minutes later. Dexter was perplexed at why the man would ask him how he was doing in the first place, and then cut him off when he started to tell him. Why even ask a question when you don't care to hear the answer, he had thought. It was many observations later that Dexter learned the proper response to this question, no matter how you actually are doing, is "fine, thank you."
Dexter had also learned that people around here don't really care for the truth when talking about the weather, as well. A lady at the eatery had said to him in a passing conversation, that the weather they were having was quite lovely. Dexter wasn't one to let people live under false pretenses, so he decided to tell that lady that the weather wasn't quite lovely at all, and the rate at which this planets ozone was burning up, combined with the emission of the various gases their companies were producing, it was only a matter of decades before the earth burned and shriveled up like a marshmallow in a fire. This, coincidentally, was also the first time Dexter had experienced violence, as the lady sitting at the table next to him slapped him before running after her 2 daughters, who seemed to be crying while running out of the restaurant screaming. It was then that Dexter had decided, that no matter what anyone said or asked him, he would keep his mouth shut. While this was strange business to Dexter, he was pleasantly surprised how much easier it was to deal with people when you don't really say anything to them at all.
Dexter Riley was sitting at this bar, having a beverage and browsing through his guide book, trying to find a remedy to what he was currently feeling. It would have been much easier for him to do so, if he could actually comprehend what it was, that he was feeling. It was a few hours, and a few beverages, later that he found what he thought he was looking for. The bizarre feeling brewing inside of Dexter Riley, according to his universal guide book, was anger. Instantly Dexter thought back to the days at his learning facility, when his mentors would teach him and his comrades about the History of the universe. Those lessons often mentioned anger as the root of, and solution to, many of creation's problems. It had been the cause of many wars and separations. It had ended countless life forms and planets, but was also responsible for the rise of many empires. Dexter wished that he had studied this "anger" more extensively when he had a chance, but at the time felt it unnecessary to read about such things that had no impact on him whatsoever.
But it was clear as day that at this moment, Dexter Riley was feeling anger for the first time in his very long life. Something had gone wrong, very wrong, for the first time in his life, and Dexter, being the brilliant man that he is, put two and two together and determined that the cause of anger most likely stemmed from the situation that was arising around him. To make matters worse, Dexter would soon be meeting his companion at this very same bar. When Dexter thought of his companion, the word "annoyance" came to mind. While Dexter and his people may know nothing of "anger", annoyance was a very common feeling among his race. The reason his companion brought upon this feeling in Dexter was due to the fact that the said companion was very new to this job, while Dexter could barely remember a time when he wasn't doing this job. The difference in universal knowledge between the two was so astronomically different, that Dexter often thought that he could convince a metal object that it was alive before convincing his companion of anything at all. The fact that his companion had no name either has no relevance to this story, but just like before, my job is made easier by giving them names. So from this moment onwards, and at the request of Dexter himself, Dexter's companion will be called "Mr. Dumbfuck".
It wasn't long after Mr. Dumbfuck sat down at Dexter's table that his barrage of questions began. "I don't understand, what happened? How did this happen? How did we allow it to happen?" Dexter looked over at the metal chair sitting in the corner, and wished it was him he was talking to, but alas it wasn't. Dexter didn't want to answer such rudimentary questions that Dumbfuck was asking, but it was against his nature to do so. "We just don't know yet. All our monitoring systems failed simultaneously. Which is impossible, because our monitoring systems have never been programmed to accept failure. So its safe to say that they didn't fail, rather missed all of this."
"Well, that doesn't really make much sense, how could they have just missed this? They have been doing the same job for over 14 million years, how could they possibly just happen to miss one now, after all this time?" Mr. Dumbfuck continued to ask.
"We don't know. Usually when something unusual arises, we just look to the guidebook to determine what course of action was taken to fix the anomaly. But this has never happened before, so we just don't know what to do...yet." Said Dexter, slightly annoyed, but intoxicated, which made the annoyance feeling easier to handle.
"So what did they do, just stop time?" Mr. Dumbfuck was proving that the name given to him was proving to be dead on. "No, they didn't. They couldn't. You can not stop time. Its not an entity that be controlled with stopping, slowing, reversing, or speeding. There are only two things you can do with time; Go along with it, or leave it. And as we now know, Nathan and Neko left it."
"well, that doesn't make much sense either. How did they leave it? You told me that they came back nearly exactly when they left it."
"That's true, they did. This is what you need to understand; If someone was able to create a time machine, and effectively stop time. It wouldn't just effect them and the area they are standing in. It would effect their entire planet, solar system, galaxy, and Universe. Time ripples across the universe perfectly evenly, and effects everything exactly equally. It is the most perfect random occurrence in the entire universe. There is nothing you can think of, that isn't effected by time. And that's why we do the job we do. While it may be the perfect random event, and it has never been touched or distorted, we have always known that it can be broken." Mr. Dumbfuck gave that confused look that he often gave, and continued to ask his questions. "Yea about that. You were telling me that planets have gotten close to breaking it before?"
"Yes, many times in fact. The secrets of time travel are really not that hard to discover. Most civilizations have been very close to discovering it many times throughout their history, but fail to do so because they don't know what they are looking at, what they are dealing with, or because of us. We are the last line of defense."
"I know I should know this one, but tell me again, how are we the last line of defense?" Dexter knew Mr. Dumbfuck wasn't the smartest person on Arion, but he couldn't believe that this man was now asking him, basically, what their job is, was, and had been for 14 million years. Sometimes, Dexter failed to understand how Mr. Dumbfuck had obtained this job at all.
"sigh... A long time ago, before the merger of the Planet Arion and Planet Exosti, before the "great understanding", but shortly after the final Arion war, a small group was assembled. This group was assemble with to accomplish one task and one task alone, and their term under this job was life. Our only objective in life was to protect time, and use any method necessary to do so. As you probably know, or maybe you don't because you're awfully misinformed...Arion was the first planet to sustain life in the universe. Of course, there is no way of really knowing that, because we haven't explored the entire universe yet, nor is it possible to do so, but still, we hold on to that honor until someone else comes along and proves so otherwise. The final Arion war taught our race many things which helped us reach "the great understanding", but most importantly, it taught us that Time is something that no one should ever have control of. Although we never time traveled, we were already using our 'Mind TAP' capabilities to the fullest(TAP: Time altering predictions). The way that all life is created, it is formed and built to understand each other very well. We are all connected, and the Synchronicity of it all, while still being understood, is absolutely amazing. Most civilizations come and go without ever really taking advantage of their capabilities, and that saddens me greatly. Actually, the last few days here on earth I've been wondering how the human race has failed to achieve any form of Mind TAP thus far. Reading through their history books, it often talks about telekinesis, among other necessary mind created machines. They also seem to have a fairly good grasp on the randomness of the Universe, which is amazing in it's own right because it takes most civilizations at least a million years before they reach that point. Humans seem to understand that the universe is so perfectly random, that it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. They often question why the earth rotates so perfectly around the sun, and why the moon rotates so perfectly around the Earth. They understand the math and physics behind it, and seem to understand that the possibility of these events coming to be is almost 0.00%. If Earth's history was to continue much longer, I have a feeling that they will soon understand that the Universe works in such ways, that it hides itself in clear sight. The Universe WANTS to be noticed. From its creation, its only real purpose has been to be noticed. Hence the reason for life. The universe gives the push for life in completely unnoticeable ways. Yet, it doesn't really do a good job of hiding the evidence. Just look around you; everything is so completely random, that its perfectly random. an infinite number of minuscule events could have happened differently, and as a result entire civilizations probably wouldn't have existed. Yet they do, and here we are, sitting on the planet Earth, 7.23 light years away from planet Arion.
Anyways, what the hell were we talking about? Oh yes, the Mind TAP. We used the Mind TAP to determine the things that will happen next. At first, many people argued that the Mind TAP was a form of time traveling, because seeing the future and changing it was in fact, time traveling, even though we physically never went there. This is the truth, because Changing anything in the future, changes the entire course of history, because any certain point in the future, is some point in the more distant future's past. But then, people argued this fact with the theory of "its already happened". Basically, this theory goes like this: We can not change our past, because anything you do in the past that wasn't suppose to happen, changes everything on that particular planet, and also has the possibility of rippling out and changing the entire Universe altogether. We know that, and we understand that very well. But, we can change our future, because it hasn't happened yet. Imagine a circle of dominoes; If you try and inserting a domino in an already existing circle, the entire circle will seize to work and fall apart. Hence, the reason we can not change the past. But, visualizing this circle again, imagine setting a new piece of domino a little bit further along then where our current dominoes are. Sooner or later, our domino will hit that certain piece, and together they will continue onwards. The Domino circle does not break, it has only been altered. And that, Arion's leaders determine, was a good enough theory to continue using Mind TAP to prevent anyone in the universe from time traveling. Even the greatest skeptics of the Mind TAP agreed that using it to prevent time travel to the past was a good enough reason to keep it around. Using the lesser of two evils to prevent the greatest evil, you could say. So we used the Mind TAP to see into the future, but we limited it to only one purpose; to see what and where any civilization in the known universe was on the verge of learning how to time travel. The Mind Tap worked perfectly(up until now, that is). It gave us plenty of advanced warning, and even detailed how any certain civilization could be prevented from discovering time travel. We used that information, and went to those civilizations and prevented them from discovering the secret of time travel. It wasn't always easy, but we were always successful. By any means necessary...there were some critical points where decisions had to be made, and as a result, some civilizations were exterminated. Not as an act of war or aggression, but simply because losing a civilization was deemed necessary to prevent time travel. Our cause has never been easy, but our goal has always been the same; do whatever needs to be done, for the greater good of the Universe and time."
Dexter often got into zones while discussing the ins and outs of his job, and this time was no different. He shook himself out of this zone, and looked up to see that Mr. Dumbfuck was no longer sitting at his table. At some point in this conversation, he had gotten up and left to explore, without saying anything to Dexter. Dexter leaned back in his chair, and began to ponder to himself quietly. He saw no viable solution to his current problems. The Mind TAP had never failed, and never even gotten close to the point of letting Dexter down, and he couldn't understand why this situation was different. Dexter took a sip of his beverage, and wondered where Nathan Caldwell and Neko Clayton were... rather, when they were. He decided that there was nothing more he could do tonight, so he went back to brushing up on the history of the earth. Its history absolutely fascinated him, because the way they acted and how they resolved their problems was completely different than anything he was use to. But, he thought, that this was probably the case for many young civilizations. The growing pains before reaching "the great understanding".
Dexter continued to flip through his earth guidebook when he stumble upon a very interesting story about a great dictator in earth's history. Apparently, there had been a man named Adolf Hitler, whose mind was so convoluted that he choose to execute anything and everything that looked different than him. He thought, "If I had a time traveling machine, I would probably kill this guy." Dexter leaned back in his chair and chuckled at the thought.


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