Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Longest Hunger Strike in History - Samer Issawi

Hunger strikes have been a form of peaceful protesting for decades. They awaken the masses to peoples' starvation for freedom and justice, and to their governments' fear of the powers that could turn the table upside down.

History records that hunger strikes have been practiced world wide by memorable names such as Gandhi and Orlando Zapata. History will now record that Samer Issawi has spent the longest hunger strike ever, 6 months, but it will be shameful if history tells your grandchildren that Issawi died a slow and lonely death in a cold cell because you remained silent.

Issawi was arrested in July 2012 with no charge, that's why we need to go to every Israeli embassy and ask: "Israel, who do you think you are allowed to take anyone's freedom just to keep your unjust prisons busy?"

Your silence is a crime, and as it happened to Samer, it could have happened to you, and of course you would have wanted millions to protest.

Whenever you have time, don't go out with friends but pay the Israeli embassy a visit with your friends and tell them to end this injustice.

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