Saturday, May 25, 2013

Use Your Subconscious to Change Your Life

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” – Thomas Edison
Your subconscious loves to do work while your body performs other tasks that are easy. I can prove this very easily by asking you how many good ideas you have had while driving or in the shower. When you are relaxed yet slightly distracted, your mind is often at its best.
Using subconscious requests will…
  • Improve your motivation.
  • Help you become happier.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence.
You’ll see improvement in less than a month.
My last request was…
“Please give me more patience when commuting to work and allow me to even enjoy my time in the car.”
Within a month I was enjoying my ride to work.
My latest request is…
“Let’s find creative ways to grow my blog.”
I took this approach because it’s going to take a request to my subconscious and action in my waking life to make this happen. This request is only a few days old, but it’s already working. Instead of just asking people to help vote for my blog on social sites that rate articles such as Stumble Upon and Digg, I’ve change my communication. I now friend someone, give a compliment (only if they are worthy) and tell them that they ever need any help to shoot me a message. They are much more willing to help me out.


My mindset is changing by setting my subconscious on a certain issue.  I start to see new angles that I’ve never seen before. This subconscious request works for personal issues as well as work related concerns.
The 3 step request only takes five minutes:
Step 1: Before you turn out the light, close your eyes and take one minute to make a request to your subconscious. It can be anything. I would start small and make it open ended. I wouldn’t request to be an astronaut by the end of the month. Your subconscious is good, but not that good.
Step 2: Take two minutes to visualize yourself actually able to do this thing. Whether it is getting the motivation to jog before work or eating a healthy snack, you must visualize yourself doing the request that you asked your subconscious. Let’s say you want to jog before work: imagine yourself getting up a few minutes earlier than usual, putting on your exercise clothes and jogging shoes, and heading out into the crisp air. Then you start jogging, watching the sun rise over the buildings, the birds chirping, and you are feeling good.
Step 3: Take two minutes to imagine the feeling that will occur when you are able to accomplish this new thing. How do you feel when you walk back in your front door after a morning jog? Energized? Whatever feeling you want to achieves imagine that you have already created this emotion inside of yourself. Let it sink in, then go to sleep and let your subconscious do the rest of the work.
Your subconscious mind wants to help you improve your life; you just have to trust its vast resources and allow it to do its thing.

Action Makes Your Request Real

You may not want to go jogging after the first subconscious request, but try to visualize yourself going through the motions the first couple of weeks. Then just start putting on your exercise gear and go for a five minute walk. Taking these baby steps will set you up for your jogging routine. Then after a few weeks just go for it. Now that you have your emotions geared toward jogging it should spur you into action.
By allowing the emotional momentum to build, you can create motivation that will help you accomplish things that make you happier.
Do you have a motivational tip to share? Have you ever tried making a subconscious requests before bed? We would love to hear it. Let’s discuss in the comment section.
Originally posted on: The Change Blog


  1. This is the "Law of attraction" you're talking about

    1. The "law of attraction" is a term created by Seth readers. Those informations were brought a some time ago by the medium Jane Roberts when channeling an "essency energy personality", but other people brought these definition to this process.


  2. Since my later teenage years, I've made it a habit to do a similar exercise every night before I go to bed. I start by going over my day and evaluate my choices and decisions, and look, as objectively as possible, then focus my energy into continuing the decisions of the day, as well as other significant ones, in a positive manner, and think about how to ensure I'm always bettering myself, and do my best to better the ones around me. I did this exercise for years, without meditation, until recently during one of these sessions I came to the realization that if I wanted to continue expanding as a person, I would have to start meditation. Once I was finally able to meditate, I added it to this process, immediately following it with meditation session. It has made the decisions I make in what I call my "deep thinking exercise" much easier to carry through, and I've found myself making healthier decisions with much more ease, almost as if I'm not even thinking about it, oftentimes. I've noticed higher energy levels, a more efficient metabolism, better eating habits, and stronger immune system. They all tie together, and if you make this a regular exercise, it is an avalanche of positivity and healthy decisions, both voluntary, and seemingly involuntary.

    1. ^I'd love to confirm that I have gone through indentical experiences in regard to experiencing meditation, better food habits, excercising and so on. By reading your post, it is as if I'm reading my own diary: it's that identical and an amazing read to read. I thank you for this post since this post is a personal confirmation in my eyes in that multiple people are able to go through multiple yet identical experiences.

  3. I make beats and it's usually right when i'm about to fall asleep that ideas come in my head. So, i open the computer and there' goes my sleep.

    1. Any advice for another like minded individual? I too write songs and beats on my computer. Not yet seen a check for my work but I know the creative process is one that eventually pays off greatly. My process so far involves routine and a plan of action but im trying to get involved with those who have experience in the industry.

    2. I find that I'm most creative when I first wake up. If I lay in bed for a few minutes after I wake up music starts to fill my head and I simply get up and start writing/creating whatever comes out of me. I write my best stuff like that.

  4. While reading the first post I felt the same as the second author: it is as reading my own diary. Since my later teenage years (a few years ago) I learned that if you just visualise the things you truly admire the most, the things that you really care about, the temporarily 'pressure' and 'needs' become meaningless. It's like a 'shield' is surrounding me which makes that 'external' things don't affect me anymore and keeps me focussed on the 'internal' dreams. I get the most strength and willpower from the feeling of a responsibility and protectiveness towards my environment, my family, my friends. I will be alright, but I need to take care of the others. That results in my own obligations becoming very easy, no effort, and keeps me going on. Thanks for the personal confirmation. It keeps me motivated and reassures me that I'm not the only one.

  5. this is "the secret"

  6. May I suggest a great book for more info on the awesomeness of the subconscious. "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy. I'm sure there are others out there but I have read this one and know it is great for sure. I am open for other reading suggestions.

  7. i agree that the subconscious is capable of many things, but something like getting the motivation to take a morning run, your subconscious is capable of many other things. important things. if u want to take a morning run, it's a decision that u got to make with ur conscious mind. if u need to lose weight or keep fit, make the decision to take the morning run dont leave it to ur subconscious to make the decision. some requests are but petty. bother ur subconscious mind with questions like 'what are the secrets of the universe?' u will be surprised with what u will begin to understand of the things that were, are and will be. if u do it right, u will reach a point of questioning ur own sanity. at this point, u either overcome the thought or it will consume u and the answer to the question will be yes. its a journey of realization. everyone can make the journey but not everyone may complete it. open ur eyes and see. close them and continue seeing through with ur mind. its the most marvelous of experiences, if ur up for it?

  8. ethics of hope is a call to action
    intention followed by action to realize your intention

  9. When I hear the word "prayer" I think of attempting to communicate with something or someone outside of yourself. People don't want to accept that they, themselves, have the power to find answers and accomplish great things. I have a negative association with the idea of prayer because it goes along with our inability to accept responsibility for our lives and live with a victim mentality. We are not powerless weaklings looking towards something greater than ourselves to solve our problems. The power is within.

  10. Praying is engaging in conversation with each individuals higher power and meditation is when that higher power gives you only the answers you are ready to understand. That is when one evolves to discover we are all one and the power within us is strengthened to focus on how we can become better human beings to respect and cherish all living things and to do what we can to help each other and our environment.
    In the event one chooses to meditate on a specific topic with repetition, say before going to sleep, then your consciousness has already made a decision to make a change, therefore it becomes a healthy practice to 'tap into' the collective consciousness which can materialize requests only if one's 'pure spirit' is making the request. Your sub-conscious then becomes your 'call to action' to help you take the right steps to assist you in your focused direction.

  11. ask yourself "how easy would it be to (insert your wish, stop smoking, start exercising, eat healthy) "
    Let your subconscious work out how easy it is to achieve what you want, most of the time is spent asking ourselves how difficult something is. our little minds will always provide the answers to our questions, just make sure you ask the right question.