Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Digitally Recreated Dreams

Every morning after waking up, one reddit user tries to digitally recreate the dream he had the night before. Here are some of his favorites!


  1. I love these! Fantastic.

  2. This higher thing, organizam, whatever is our creator, God. The further science delves inward and outward both lead to the same conclusion that earth was created, man was created and we are trying to run to somewhere else that does not exist. Only man has the spirit the creator will pass on to the next world. That this world is expiring before our eyes. He weeps because you do not accept him. He cries because he sent his most perfect son to tell you about the one true God and we beat and tortured and spat in his face. We will never figure science out becauce it is made by God. His ways are not our ways and transend man's feble little mind.

  3. how can i do this with my dreams? can I do it with photshop elements? maybe?